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Diamond Cement Group Africa (WACEM Group) an ISO 9001 - 2000 Company.

Group's - Africa Entrepreneurial Journey started in the year 1991 by Late Mr. M. J. Patel - Chairman and Mr. M S R V Prasad, President Director General together, with a great vision transforming West Africa's Socio Economic landscape through innovative applications in cost control, capacity building, adopting latest technologies in the industries.

Diamond Cement Group Africa produces over 6 Million Tons of Cement & Clinker and 100,000 tons of steel operating in 12 countries in Africa. Group provides direct employment to 10,000 people and indirect employment to 20,000 people of Africa, along with 350 professionally qualified and experienced expatriates staff in Africa. 

Diamond Cement Group has its own Design &  Drawings facility and sourcing offices and with complete control on the supply chain from conception to completion of the projects, giving an advantage in terms of time and money. It has an "In House contruction" practice, which gives at least 30% cost advantage over others who take the "Turn Key" approach.

Group is known for Turnaround Specialists and having focus on Green field Projects also. It has successfully turned around ailing companies with INNOVATIVE ideas and a strong follow up. 


The True Believer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


We are committed to attracting, nurturing and keeping a diverse work force that reflects the nature of our global business to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Global Presence


Diamond Cement Ghana Limited - Aflao

Western Diamond Cement Limited - Takoradi

Savanna Diamond Cement Limited - Bhupe

Diamond Solar Salt Limited - Aflao

Tema Steel Company Limited - Tema

West African Forgings Limited - Tema


West African Cement (WACEM) - Tabligbo 

Fortia Cement S.A - Tabligbo

Diamond Cement Togo S.A - Lome

Amexfield Togo Steel S.A.R. L (ATS)

African Construction Company (AFCON)

Togo Rail S.A - Lome


Diamond Cement Mali S.A - Astro

Diamond Cement Mali S.A - Dio Gare

Burkina Faso

Diamond Cement Burkina S.A


Ethio Cement PLC - Chanchio


Diamond Cement Guinea S.A


Diamond Cement Congo 

Ivory Coast

Ivory Diamond Cement - Abhazalu

Congo - DRC

Cimenterie Du Congo SARL, CICO - Kempesse


Mauritania Mining Company


Flamingo Ceramic Tiles

Pipleline Projects


Diamond Cement Madagascar


Diamond Cement Nigeria

Gold Mining Exploration & Exploitation Projects

Burkina Faso

SAHAURUM SA, Ouagadougou

Ivory Coast


Founding Members

Late Mr. Manubhai. J. Patel


Fomer Chairman

Mr. Prasad Motaparti


Managing Director [ PDG ]

Executive Board Members


Mr. Mukeshkumar Patel



Mr. Rohit Motaparti

Group Director [ DG ]


Mr. Minesh Patel

Group Director


Mr. Himesh Patel


Skilling Africa & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Our Africa Skilling Vision

The success of a nation always depends on the success of its youth and We at Diamond Cement Group are doing our best to bring a lot of advantage and opportunities for these young Africans.

Cement Industry

Our group has more than 27 years of experience in planning, execution, operations and maintenance of cement plants in more than 12 countries in Africa.

We executed with our own skillswithout any third-party services for project planning, construction, erection, commissioning of cement plants and its operations & maintenance. With our own skilled manpower trained the locals to make them skilled by observing and following our methods and made them skilled people.

Steel & Forgings

Being Our Group's core team strengths in the METALLURGY, we have exected and turned around the sick and defunct steel and Foundry units in West Africa. We have imparted both technical and operational skills to the local African community to become skilled people. 

With ingenuity and technical experience of core team and with complete in-house planning and execution, skilled training to the local youth, TSCL attained the rated capacity in 1997 and surpassed to 36,000 MT per year in 2001.

Operation of Railways at TOGO

Government of TOGO has given the unsuccessful TOGO RAIL Network Management to our Diamond Cement Group in the year 2002. With our group technical expertise and management efforts and imparting perfect training skills to local youth, TOGO RAIL has achieved steady and remarkable progress from hauling 400,000 MT transport to hauling 1,020,000 MT in the first year of operations itself. 

Success Stories

Our success stories in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia, Niger, Kenya, Republic of Congo, Ivory coast, Mauritania and other African Countries are the good examples of our Group commitment for SKILLING AFRICA always.

We are doing all skill development efforts in all our factories across the West Africa region. Skill up-gradation, building of new skills and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also jobs that are to be created. 

Our Group wishes to empower the youth with skill sets which make them more employable and more productive in their work environment. We are focusing on enhancing employability of the youth in Africa region through skill development. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Diamond Cement Group AFRICA has built schools, given scholarships, runs medical care facilities, drilling bore wells to get portable water for the communities etc. 

We encourage and develop the local manpower, Diamond Cement Ghana is the ONLY company in Ghana to get GREEN RATING by EPA for three years in a row. 

Future Business Plans


For Africa

It is a continuous Journey and plans are on the anvil to expand the Cement & Steel business in the rest of Africa. wherever opportunities exist. 

Nigera and Madagascar are the immediate destinations to expand the Cement business.

With our strength in IT & ITES services in India, we have plans to diversify into IT & ITES Industry in West Africa in particular and Africa in general. 

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Diamond House - P.O. Box - 320, Tema, Ghana

Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

+233 (0) 201521829

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Diamond Cement Ghana Limited


Aflao, Ghana

Savanna Diamond Cement Limited


Bhupe, Ghana

Western Diamond Cement Limited


Takoradi, Ghana

Tema Steel Company Limited


Tema, Ghana

Diamond Solar Salt Limited


Aflao, Ghana

Ethio Cement



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